TP Atlas

TP Atlas is a comprehensive "Targeted Proteins Research achievements database" in which you can access a variety of information on the target proteins, their structures, published papers and press release by navigating the network diagram drawn by Cell Illustrator for each TP Research project. It covers all 35 TP projects ranging from signal transduction networks to enzymatic reaction pathways in the three fields of fundamental biology, medicine/pharmacology and food/environment. (Cell Illustrator is a pathway drawing software developed by Prof. Satoru Miyano and his colleagues at the U. Tokyo)

Fundamental Biology




  • Name: Sei Miyamoto, Yasumasa Shigemoto, Takeshi Konno, Hisashi Mizutani, Takao Iwayanagi and Hideaki Sugawara
  • Affiliation: Information Platform in Targeted Proteins Research Program Research Organization of Information and Systems
  • Contact:contact address


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