eSOL(Solubility database of all E.coli proteins)は、再構築型の試験管内タンパク質合成系を用いて、大腸菌の全てのタンパク質を発現させた際の凝集の度合い(可溶率)と合成量をまとめたデータベースです。


JW_ID JW0866
ECK number ECK0873
B number b0882
Gene name K-12 clpA
Locus name K-12 clpA
Synonyms of locus names K-12 lopD
Solubility(%) 61
Yield (uM) (ug/ml)
0.5 45
Chaperone Sol (uM) (ug/ml)
Minus - - -
TF - - -
GroE - - -
KJE - - -
Calculated MW(kDa) 84.1
Calculated pI 6.2
Type of gene product e
Gene product description ATPase and specificity subunit of ClpA-ClpP ATP-dependent serine protease, chaperone activity
Cell location Cytoplasmic
Structure (PDB) id 1R6B
SCOP assignment 52540; P-loop containing nucleotide triphosphate hydrolases