eSOL(Solubility database of all E.coli proteins) is a database on the solubility of entire ensemble E.coli proteins (Niwa T, Ying BW, Saito K, Jin W, Takada S, Ueda T and Taguchi H, 2009) individually synthesized by PURE system that is chaperone free.


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JW_ID JW5253
ECK number ECK1544
B number b1550
Gene name K-12 gnsB
Locus name K-12 gnsB
Synonyms of locus names K-12 ydfY
Solubility(%) -
Yield (uM) (ug/ml)
- -
Chaperone Sol (uM) (ug/ml)
Minus - - -
TF - - -
GroE - - -
KJE - - -
Calculated MW(kDa) 6.5
Calculated pI 9.8
Type of gene product h
Gene product description Qin prophage; predicted protein
Cell location Cytoplasmic
Structure (PDB) id -
SCOP assignment -