eSOL(Solubility database of all E.coli proteins) is a database on the solubility of entire ensemble E.coli proteins (Niwa T, Ying BW, Saito K, Jin W, Takada S, Ueda T and Taguchi H, 2009) individually synthesized by PURE system that is chaperone free.


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JW_ID JW2241
ECK number ECK2240
B number b2247
Gene name K-12 yfaW
Locus name K-12 yfaW
Synonyms of locus names K-12 -
Solubility(%) 6
Yield (uM) (ug/ml)
2.5 110
Chaperone Sol (uM) (ug/ml)
Minus 10.03 0.725 32.39
TF 31.47 0.729 32.56
GroE 68.75 0.797 35.62
KJE 80.34 0.747 33.36
Calculated MW(kDa) 44.667
Calculated pI 6.19
Type of gene product pe
Gene product description predicted enolase
Cell location Cytoplasmic
Structure (PDB) id -
SCOP assignment 51604; Enolase C-terminal domain-like 54826; Enolase N-terminal domain-like