Protein-Compound Interaction

Gene Symbol RGS2
Organism Homo sapiens
Name Regulator of G-protein signaling 2
Synonyms RGS2
UniProt ID P41220
Entrez Gene ID 5997
CTD 5997
KEGG hsa:5997

DB Assay Interaction Compound Compound
CTD decreases expression C006632   arsenic trioxide 518740
CTD affects cotreatment|affects expression C014347   decitabine
CTD decreases expression C024746   tobacco tar
CTD increases expression C025340   manganese chloride
CTD increases expression C034028   vanadyl sulfate 34007
CTD increases expression C056507   gemcitabine
CTD decreases expression C058317   arsenic disulfide 6328537
CTD affects cotreatment|affects expression C111237   vorinostat 5311
CTD affects expression C410733   scriptaid 5186
CTD increases expression C496197   trans-10,cis-12-conjugated linoleic acid
CTD increases expression D002945   Cisplatin
CTD affects cotreatment|increases expression D004958   Estradiol
CTD decreases expression D005472   Fluorouracil 3385
CTD increases expression D005557   Formaldehyde 712
CTD affects expression D006861   Hydrogen Peroxide 784
CTD increases expression D007501   Iron 23925
CTD increases expression D008094   Lithium 3028194
CTD increases expression D008345   Manganese 23930
CTD affects response to substance D008942   Mitoxantrone
CTD affects cotreatment|increases expression D011374   Progesterone
CTD affects response to substance D014150   Antipsychotic Agents
CTD increases expression D014810   Vitamin E
CTD affects expression D016604   Aflatoxin B1
CTD increases expression D017638   Asbestos, Crocidolite
CTD increases expression D020122   tert-Butylhydroperoxide 6410

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