Comprehensive Amino Acids Sequences Annotated database (CASA db)

This new database for protein science was began to construct under the goal of

  1. collecting many kinds of protein related informations as many as possible from public databases all around the world,
  2. integrating these data, each of which is collected under the different purposes, into one unified database,
  3. as a result, constructing the next generation bioinformatic infrastructure for protein research field in Japan.

From three major public databases of amino acids, which are DDBJ DAD in Japan, NCBI NR in USA and UniRef in Europe, we already gathered over 21 million data of amino acids, over 53 million of species and over 112 million of cross-reference IDs (updated on 16th February, 2011).

We will continue to upgrade the content and the service of databases actively in the future.

Please give us your kindly support!!

[Use the CASA db ver1.2]

How to use

Step1. Search protein ( keyword / sequence / cluster group )

Step1 Input keyword, sequence or the identifier of a cluster into text box of search window and click [search] button.
Keyword, Sequence or Cluster Group search is available in this search window.

Step2.Search result

Step1 Search result is shown in search result window.
Click the TP ID to see the detailed information of the listed protein.
If search results are too many, result IDs are show in several pages.

Step3. Protein information

Step1 New window opens for each proteins.
You can see the detailed protein data such as basic information like amino acid composition, structural data or cross reference ID in the information window.

Step4. Filtering protein information

Step1 If you wants only structural information, you can hide the other data by menu bar.
And you can save this status by the option menu.