Last Modified: Feb 3, 2012

AT Atlas

AT Atlas will make you familiar with the accomplishments by research groups of "Protein Production", "Structural Analysis" and "Chemical Regulation" in the Targeted Proteins Research Program. AT Atlas is composed of graphical abstract (flow chart) , information in text including actual application of the method and link to PRotein Experimental Information Management System (PREIMS). You will be able to find experimental methods used to elucidate the structure and/or functions of proteins that you are interested in. Further, you will be able to reproduce the experimental process to study corresponding entries of PREIMS. (Most of the graphical abstracts have been drawn by use of Cell Illustrator that is a pathway-drawing software developed by Prof. Satoru Miyano and his colleagues at the U. Tokyo)

Protein Production

Structural Analysis

Chemical Regulation


  • Name: Sei Miyamoto, Yasumasa Shigemoto, Hisashi Mizutani, Takao Iwayanagi and Hideaki Sugawara
  • Affiliation: Information Platform in Targeted Proteins Research Program Research Organization of Information and Systems
  • Contact:contact address

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