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Thermus thermophilus HB8  TTHA1898
A/G-specific adenine glycosylase, MutY

Locus: 1:complement(1784531..1785508)
Synonym: TT0731
DNA Sequence:
(with up/down stream)
Amino Acid Sequence:
Stop Codon: TAG
DNA Length: 975
AA Length: 325
Mol. Weight: 36550
pI: 10.6
Absorption coefficient: 53655
Number of Methionine: 3

Expression Plasmid:
Plasmid ID:Vector:Description:Met: Distribution from DNA BANK :
PC011898-41pET-11a 3not available
PC011898-42pET-3aL313P3not available
PC011898-43pET-11a 3available
PC011898-44pColdIV 3not available
PC011898-45pET-HisTEV 4not available

Expression Plasmid:Label:Purified Date:Yield (mg):

Plasmid for Gene Disruption:
BRCID:PDID:Vector:Marker Gene:Upstream:Downstream:
TDs10H02PD011898-01pGEM-T EasyHTK
Reference for HTK marker: Hoseki, J. et al. (1999) J Biochem, 126, 951-6.
Reference for gene disruption: Hashimoto, Y. et al. (2001) FEBS Lett, 506, 231-4.

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Back, J. H. et al., (2006) A distinct TthMutY bifunctional glycosylase that hydrolyzes not only adenine but also thymine opposite 8-oxoguanine in the hyperthermophilic bacterium, Thermus thermophilus DNA Repair (Amst) 5 :  894-903